by The Stoned Beatle

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released August 12, 2013

The Stoned Beatle - guitar, vocals, bass, drums, keyboard, piano, percussion
Jerered - vocals on "Beau"
Album Cover - Fatigued Minstrels (1883) by Augustus Edwin Mulready



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The Stoned Beatle Vancouver, Washington

It's free. Like chlamydia.

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Track Name: Liaison
Your daughter, Sire, is the one I desire
Bring her henceforth into my quarters
Make sure no other man will court her
Make sure no one will disturb us...

Oh, God, I'm so tired
Searching town to town for a fire
I know has long expired
Wading in the water
Two abused bastards watch
A frothing, naked king and the preacher's daughter

Fucking everything that moves
I must not move; I will not move
Burning everything that breathes
I cannot breathe; I can't breathe!

I'm sinking on a drowning ship
Have I left home just for this?
Have I jumped into my own grave?
Have I tasted the harlot's lips?

Who will with her waist lay waste
To my name and my wits
Will slip into the mind of the guiltless child
Where all good intentions stay

I want to make slaves of my sins
But they defeat me from within
How many sins have you committed in her presence?
How many more before she realizes
The mistake that she made when she filled in her own grave?

Oh, Lord, will my bones break?
When I am thrown from your gaze into the burning lake?
Beside the fuming fire
Sit Divinity and Desire, a knife in one another's lovers

Crushing everyone that cares
I cannot care; I do not care
Draining all things that dream
I dare not dream; I don't dream!
Track Name: Mute
And I look into the eyes of some favored child
A confused youth, and I ask,
"When will all your crying end? Or has it already ended?
And have I grown deaf to all you were?"

And to all you are
And to all you will be
I'll play the mute
I'll stay the mute

I need a photograph, some kind of evidence
To capture the hurt hidden in her words
She speaks in circles, and until I die
Until the last tear dries

Flowing down her face
While strangers will pass her by
They trip into holes
That I never saw before

And, oh, the holes I find
When I just don't have the time
You'll meet another, two tilted lovers
Whose hips mean business
And whose deepest convictions
End at short distance

Ends with a crescendo
Track Name: Glory Years
One white rose, the straw that broke the camel's back
Four fireworks, the last one went off with a pitiful crack
And I am never going back
I am never going back

And all these people will disappear
Memories of fabled years
The first to leave but the last to go
I'm clutching at anything I know
Will save me from myself

Loneliness, oh loneliness, oh, lonely me
I'm lost, blind, deaf, and dumb, and unhappy
And I can observe the past
But I got a faulty memory

And all those loves will disappear
Memories of wasted years
The last to love, the first to lose
Cut the cable; untie the noose
Let it crumble on the ground

And all these friends will disappear
Memories of faded years
The last to laugh is the first to fail
The summer rain, the sudden hail
Will fall on my face

I will learn how to live
Track Name: Domino
Domino, let it go, let it fall
As it does, as it was, so it shall be
There's nothing left at all for you to fight for

Cassandra, you're brilliant, but you're so mean
You never miss an opportunity to make a fool of me
I know it's easy, but there's a saintly divinity
In humility and modesty, so I beg of you
Please, take pity for Saint Peter's sake

I was suddenly caught crying on a city bus
To the transcendental sound of "Everybody Have Fun Tonight"
It was not alright; I was saved just in time
By the tired, accusing eyes of the only other passenger
Oh, the embarrassment!
Oh, the lies I tell myself so I can sleep at night
But, who am I kidding? I'm half-awake at any time

There's nothing to note
It's just a fountain in the rain
A solitary man in small spaces
Wil surely soon be insane, oh!

There's nothing left at all for you to stand for
There's nothing left at all for you to fight for
Track Name: Lonely Generation
I'm sitting here, watching Hondas disappear
In city bus window mirrors
I'm not expecting much at all
I'm not expecting much at all

I grew older, but I didn't grow bigger
I grew older, but I didn't grow better
I was a bitter little boy, and now I'm a grumpy, grown man

I'm in a lonely generation
And I'm trapped

I thought there would be more
I thought I would feel more
I thought I would see more
I thought I would do more

I grew wider, but I didn't grow wiser
I grew winded, but I didn't grow wilder
I was a cheerless chap, and now I'm an angry adult
I was a luckless lad, and now I'm left alone
Track Name: Beau
Soft lies that cover your eyes
Make your teeth flash like a road sign

Amongst the flushed faces
Deeper wisdom won't come naturally
Stranded and starving in tragic revelry
Some ethereal secrets in a visceral vessel
inquiring on the injury seemingly so infinitesimal

Numerous hands have laid themselves on your skin
Uncountable eyes have pried your frame from without and within

You gotta keep it all to yourself

Misfortune might follow you
Conquer and swallow you
Trap you and sap you
Of anything worth clinging to

Pious lies that seal shut your eyes
Saintly shadows ride the ghost lines

Oh so old, my flesh just drags
My flesh and breath so low
My eyes and life so slow
My memories struggle to stay a part of me

But, really, honestly, she could be anywhere
But really she could be honestly anywhere

Beau, you belong in bed now, buddy
Hide your harlot in the hideaway, honey
Beau, you belong by your bed now, buddy
Hide your whore in the hide-a-bed, honey
Track Name: Alabaster
Paint a rosy picture of hallowed memories
That scarred you forever
That bored your fucking brains out
Like a jackhammer through cement
Like hot air through a vent
Like time that came and went right past you

An orgasm in a public place
Of the holy whores and the shaking chaste
The prudent student will never learn a goddamn thing
Rub the salt into old wounds
Build a tower to bitterness and watch it bloom

Cultivate a pulse to beat
Beat through the shitty dreams and memories
It means the meaning was lost
It means it was too dear a cost

Alabaster, paper planes, and tigers at your feet
And still you find time to bitch about the ceiling
And the wasted space and the time you wasted
Waiting for a friendly face to say,
"You're not ready for this tomb"
Track Name: Postponement
Sunlight is seeping through the windowpane
It sustains its heat while slipping past the blinds
That's fine, I got a remedy on hold, slip on headphones
Close my eyes and listen to samples of the rain

So I can go back again
To when I was so gloriously sad
To when I felt so comfortably bad
All my friends are waiting
And I'm still waking up

There's no need to pretend to be noble
Troubles are just so much more interesting
It seems when they said, "You've got to grow up"
I thought it was some sort of challenge

And I can't stop winning
I'm spending beans again
I'm losing sheep again
You are out there waiting
And I'm still holding up

Progress, there's no progress
There's no romance in this empty room
Distress, in this love of ours
In this love, I wonder if we could start anew

Hold our bleeding hearts in our hands
Shed our skin and begin again
Stay in rain and take away the pain
Shout and scream and sing and dance!
Track Name: Whoreson
Pt. I: Adrift (Sea of Love)

Adrift in a sea of love
Sea upon sea upon sea of bubbing love
The devil will arrive in the guise of a friend

Lost in an ocean of eyes
Bright, comforting, love-filled eyes
Cruelty will come the bastard son of Mercy
Cruelty cuts deepest when covered with kindness

Pt. II: Oh, Babylon! (Sacred Victorian Beauty Monster)

I awoke hanging from a lamplight in southern Paris
Plastered in a church singing a hunky dory chorus

Oh, I awoke hanging from a lamplight in southern Paris
Plastered in a church singing a hunky dory chorus
With the unbelievers and the black belt bible breathers, singing
"Oh, Babylon! Oh, Babylon! How we've fallen! We've fallen!"

Oh, Babylon! Oh, Babylon! How we've fallen! We've fallen!

A whore at the door and a cigarette in the ashtray, kid
I'm kidding myself if I think there's anything more in this
A whore at the door, a sacred Victorian beauty monster
Coal, lead, and corsets, and God, they were dying of hunger!

A whore in my bed and a whoreson in my head
Screaming, "Get out of here, ghost! Get out while you can!"

Pt. III: Greens and Blues

She's mixing her greens and blues
She's got Mercy's eyes, and Mercy's eyes are true

It's hollow, but I'm hollow, maybe this will make me real
If it's a sin, then it's a sin, but it's a sin that I can feel

She has love, and she has eyes
Is this what I've been waiting for?
This must be love, but love often lies
If you take me, take me as a whore

We have love, and we have eyes
This is what we've been waiting for
This must be love, and love never lies
When we take each other, we take ourselves as whores