Shakespearean Robot

by The Stoned Beatle

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This album was made in 3 days, with me missing sleep one or two of them, which is weird for an album about dreams. Or really the feeling after waking up from some dreams where I would forget who I was and let my guard down, and at that moment I'm more honest with myself about who I am and what I want than I ever am while awake. I could also get this feeling from movies, music, books, and videogames, these moments of clarity where I could see through all the little anxieties and dumb impulses that don't mean much at all and get a glimmer of a life worth living, a story worth being told. I tried to recreate these moments/this feeling in the songs.

In other words, it's a crappy lo-fi mainly instrumental keyboard album with some one-take songs I made up on the spot.


released March 5, 2012

The Stoned Beatle- keyboard, guitar, vocals

All songs by The Stoned Beatle except
Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me by The Smiths
and Dreams by Fleetwood Mac



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


The Stoned Beatle Vancouver, Washington

It's free. Like chlamydia.

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Track Name: Cinema as a Catalyst for Human Emotion
Blind, vain, fatal fame
Actresses to rearrange
Posturing in pain and grace
The sad starlet's sculpted face

I try to put myself into the frame
In another soul, in another place
I get one love; I get one kiss
I sacrifice myself for this

I will splice your soul into mine
Track Name: Psycho
I thought I gave you all you would need
But you cut me down just to watch me bleed
My arteries are smoking
This burning heart is broken

I can't believe that you would leave
Loving and lost, you've deserted me
To walk alone through this darkness
With no surgeon to mend this...

(I let a ghost into my home
I led the devil through the door
I helped a psycho into my bed)

...gushing wound, swallowing sadness
Leave me alone. No, don't leave yet
I have nothing left!
I'm always in your debt!
Track Name: Desperate Hope in the Face of Overwhelming Futility
You can't have it all all the time
(Why can't you now?)
Track Name: How Could I Want Anyone Else
I lie on the carpet with you
It's so soft to argue
In the department store with all your friends
Saying words we both will say again

When your moonbeam eyes look into mine
How could I want anyone else?
When your sweet, bright eyes are staring into mine
How could I want anyone else?
Your lonely lips are locked in mine
How could I want anyone else?
Your lovely body is lying next to mine
How could I want anyone else

(I only see you in my dreams
But I love you more than anything)