Days of Love

by The Stoned Beatle

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This was supposed to be a collaborative album, but that didn't really come together, so what's left is the more or less skeletal versions of the songs I made. The songs are in the order they were recorded, feel free to rearrange them.


released October 27, 2014

Album cover is "Ophelia" - 1889, by John William Waterhouse
Back cover, "Echo and Narcissus" - 1903, by John William Waterhouse



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The Stoned Beatle Vancouver, Washington

It's free. Like chlamydia.

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Track Name: See the Boy and the Girl
See the boy and the girl
So sure in love
So in love with the idea of love
They are drunk on their inexperience

The sun shines out, but she's not there
Back come the clouds, but he's not there
I must have missed the joke
I think I missed the joke
Maybe next time around

The day is over; you can take your time
Watch the careful dancers in a line
Mask their faces and take their places
At the dinner table tonight

Ring the bells: the bells are ringing loudly
But they have nothing new to tell me
I know my time is coming
But can we please stay silent for a moment?
Track Name: Calamity Hay
Write my name on your mailbox
Declare your love behind the stop sign
Infiltrate and desecrate the neighborhood

Sprawl your love across the city
Leave the proof where all can see

We can't speak
Our tongues are numb and broken
But I will reach you

Even as that painting of my face that you made
On that decayed gray substation
Fades away

Carved into trees
Stained on the pavement
Signs we left behind
To show, to say

Though those days are gone
There was something beautiful here
Track Name: Your Eyes, Two Suns
Why would your eyes, two suns
Waste their radiant gaze on a weed such as I?
Foul though I am, I only grow
By the fairness of your light

You could've conquered anyone
Why conquer a wasteland like me?
I submit so willingly
But that doesn't mean that I'll make this easy

Others have tried and failed
To keep my cities from sinking in the sea
The fields are scorched and salted
There nothing grows but weeds

Whatever your prospect, I'll stand beside you
Spellbound, baffled, but beaming with joy
To follow your righteous lightning with my lumbering thunder
Is the boastful oath of all drunken kings
To a being higher than them

I don't need dominion and creation below me
I just want your breath on my cheek
I don't need greatness, and I don't need the glory
I just want you lying beside me

I don't need the numbness that comes with great wisdom
I just want every nuance of the notes that you sing
I don't need the loneliness that lies with holiness
I just want every detail of your heart as it beats
Track Name: Apollonina
She knelt and fell upon her sword
As ice water graced the face on her lord
Both in sudden shock discover
God was not in the order

Naked and wretched on the floor
Like a babe laid before the altar
Such sacrifice, such purity
What bravery!
What horror!
These spirits fall; let the spirits rise once more

Apollonina, bursting with light like Athena
Oh, if those boys could've seen ya
Stoned, burning bushes
Laughing, as the smoke rose, the moon

Apollonina, some half-gone demigod deceived ya
That statesmen and hunters could defeat ya
Their howling soldiers were hurt orphans
Seeking warm shelter

But don't wait
This will never happen again

Her lips parted as the Red Sea
And said, "Come back to bed"
And you return so willingly
And sank in her ocean like lead

Such swift surrender
To her purr of whirling heaven
Dissolve in her eternity
"Come with me," she softly beckons
Track Name: Oh, You Lovely Ghosts!
Oh, you lovely ghosts
So touch and go
One touch and I'll go

To haunt some far off field
Where the heartsick hang their wicked heads
But smile, there's light upon you

Oh, you singing ghosts
Crooning chaos chords
Calypso cacophony

A cathartic reverie
For the sick-minded to hang their wicked hearts
But smile, fools, this light shines for you
Track Name: Love Will Make You Miserable Boy
Love will make you miserable boy
Love will make you miserable boy

The pain is seeing it so close but so far away
Close enough to touch but just out of range
Contrary to belief, love can make you feel ten times worse
Than if you never loved at all
Track Name: No One Else Around
I tell you a story; I'm making it up as I go
You smile; it's worthy, maybe there's more here to say
I skip to the ending; you lean towards me
Your hand on my cheek, maybe there's more here to save

For once, no fires, no floods
Just us trying not to shiver in the snow
A quiet moment
And if this is all there is, I don't regret it

I'd like to say I remember every moment
I remember every sound
I remember every joke that doesn't seem so funny now
But what I know is when I was with you
There was no else around
Track Name: The Axe
Love is a thousand small embarrassments
Humiliations to be endured again
With a sly smile and a rose in my teeth
I get in position for the axe to fall on me

Right between the eyes, right on the nose
Red blood splashing on a red rose
That heart of mine keeps beating to the beat of love
My bones fold like paper as I fall on the rug

I got a lot of lonely memories
I've made a lot of little mistakes
Together over time they've taken their toll
My mind is a vault filled with small heartbreaks

My sick grin splinters as I'm lying by your feet
It's not what I expected, but it's still kind of neat
Have I worked just to be another howling dog?
Do we ever even speak? Do we really need to talk?
Track Name: New Disaster
Baby, please come home
I've changed my mind
I acted like a fool
Just like every other time

Ah, my love's are all momentary
Ah, true love is dead
Take my hand through this new disaster
Troubles up ahead
Track Name: Rose Knows Her Beau's Nose
Rose, whose beau's hose flows like a nose blows
Knows the highs and lows of the toe's nail that grows
To fight her foes and mows the rows of trucks that tow
So I suppose the throes of her repose

Made heroes of those who ploughed plateaus
That tore tableaus, a bro's code that goes
For the throats of does that pose
She could not oppose the song that arose which she did not compose

She shows she owes to him that reaps and sows
Who strings the bows, who shoots arrows
Who watches averages Joe's that doze
Who washes furrowed afros with essential aloes
Track Name: Fuck Up
Well, I'm a fuck-up
Baby, I fuck up
That's all I do

I'm a fuck-up
I fuck up every chance I get
You should've known it
From the moment we met

And I don't deserve the love I get
And I don't forgive myself, because I can't forget

The chances that I've lost
The nights I've turned and tossed
Thinking of what might have been
Oh, time and time and time again

Your love, your love belongs to someone

Who can give it back in kind
Who can keep it all in line
With a heart better than mine
That beats in common time

The right paths just ahead
How I'd always choose the wrong
I'm only sure of something real
In a dream or in a song
Track Name: That Last One
How did that last one feel
When you gave up on all that remained
To have warm wine flowing through your veins
To have red wine spilling spilling from your hand

And how did that last one feel
To love all that you had left
But to know that you can't come back
And your cold blood was flowing on my lap

And I miss you more than anything
I love you more than everything
But you couldn't see through your pain
So you send it back to me again

With spiked wings falling from the sky
And halos glow premature
Wearing suits we never hoped to wear
Flowing black dresses deadening the air

And you lied right to my face
And you left me in this place
How could you feel you were of no use
When you were the only thing I couldn't lose

I know that you cared
And I can't blame you for anything
Your perfect soul is not around
There's just some old bones in the ground

And I love you more than anything
I miss you more than everything
But you couldn't see through your pain
So you send it back to me again

Two bright eyes lit up by the moon
Two bright stars shining in the night
A beautiful illusion of reflected light
A ghost that's been dead for a long time