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released October 30, 2012

Forever credit to 30 Rock, Casablanca, Jerered for the bat drawing, and the Lou Boss, Jr. Orchestra ft. Jo Boss




The Stoned Beatle Vancouver, Washington

It's free. Like chlamydia.

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Track Name: Lost
You've got blood-red hair and shit-brown eyes
And teeth that shine like semen
In the sun, and you've got everyone
Convinced and believing
That they don't need Jesus or anyone else
Because they've got you to save them
And they give you love and you bare your soul
But you have nothing to give them

And I'd take your smiles and your insults
And praise that reeks of treason
And in your veins, there's flowing pain
And you want to just start bleeding
To free your mind and your poisoned soul
So you could reach the gates of heaven
But you'd grow bored and find eternal life
Is not something worth having

You're so lost

You've lost your soul
Track Name: A True Story
It's a true story told by a liar
It's a new song sung by a thief

Well, it's been a long time, but what can you do?
I spent so many long nights thinking of you
It'll be three months ago today next year
We've got everything to win and nothing to fear

I know how you always love to say I told you so
But I've got nothing to return to and nowhere to go

Well, you know what I'd do and I know what you'd say
You hate it's like this, but it's better this way
I know how much you love to say I told you so
But I've got nothing to return to and nowhere to go
Track Name: Hostile Tabasco Dungeon
I could never break what wasn't mine
You were mine, now you're gone
I pick up your things and throw them crashing against the wall
I pick up the splintered pieces with tepid fingers
I consider putting the jagged glass in my listless body
I do all this in fury, but I'm not angry at you

And I'm not angry at myself
And I don't hate the world
And the world doesn't hate me
But the indifference troubles me
The thin line between here and not is so ill-defined
And if I were to fall, what then?

But still I soldier on
Steadfast in sobriety, made strange and unhappy
Without a witness, there is no tragedy

And I want gallons of dirt to pour from my ceiling
And fill the emptiness all around me

But I don't want anyone to get hurt
No, I don't want for you any pain

Linda, you are so pretty
You deserve all that one heart could give
If you all could but spawn all your equals
To keep you and love you and give you some meaning to live

Here I just stare at the ceiling
Life is made up of time I must kill
I wish I could shower you with heavenly feelings
But they're all tainted by my self-made ills

You are so brilliant but impatient
You don't know of your wonders within
So I'll just leave you with silence
All that I could afford to give
Track Name: Soccer Mom
Today I saw a lost little shoe
Somehow it make me think of you
I was so frail when we first met

You were young and had bitchy dreams
You had fun and with soap made clean
All your troubles were easily washed away

You led my life like a soccer mom
Cheering me on to victory
But all your love fell on broken knees

Build me up and change me
Encourage and derange me
Take me wherever you may go
Wear me as your coat

Soccer mom, cheer me through the new day
Soccer mom, lead me to victory
Soccer mom, take me to the ocean
Soccer mom, wade me through the sea

Forever may your words ring true
You was me and I were you
Somehow, together we'd make it through

I was made to stand below the gray sky
I was made to walk the empty streets
I was made to cough and then sigh
I was made to live your lonely dreams

Everywhere I go the dogs bark at me
Everyone I see walks away from me

Soccer mom, watch the sun rise so slowly
Soccer mom, watch the waves surrounding me
Soccer mom, look after the babes new to the morning
Soccer mom, look after me

Watch as I sink into the sea
I was made to live your broken dreams

Everywhere I go the dogs bark at me
Everyone I see walks away from me
Track Name: Batty (Jennifer, Sing Me a Lullaby)
Jennifer, sing me a lullaby
Something for you to play after I die
And everyone can wonder why
I picked such a stupid song
And why this stupid song always makes them cry

Jennifer, sing me a lullaby
Sing it soft, sing it sweet and low
Like sugar sweetening our blood
Rushing up and down to our heart's rhythms

I want to fall into an ocean of sleep
I want to share your dreams
I want to see what you see
When no one else is watching

Our blood, our hearts, our lives
Won't end tonight, my love
Like bats in a cave, we are merely waiting
We see what we hear, my dear

And I hear beauty floating from your lungs
And what is beautiful is truth
And truth can never die

You are immortal in this moment
You're so infallible in this instant
You're another blushing bride wearing white
Track Name: To You
Yes I miss you
Yes I love you very much
Yes you're very smart
Yes you are the only one

Yes you look lovely
Yes I'm sorry for everything and anything
Yes you are funny
Yes the whole room gravitates around you

You're gonna be something
You'll never be lonely
The whole world will want to hear
What you have to say

I'll always be with you
Everyone loves you
You will always win
You are invincible

It's alright if you're worried
It's alright if you're jealous
It's alright to say no
Whoever you are will be just fine

Your body is perfect
Your soul is angelic
Everything you say is poetic
Everything you do is seismic

Yes I care about you
Yes I couldn't live without you
We'll get through every problem
Everything will be okay