Baltic Beds​/​Carnival

by The Stoned Beatle

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These were made at the same time as Rapture. They took around 30 minutes to write and record each. As a result, they sound a little more turdly than usual. Still, I wish recording was always that easy.


released January 6, 2013

Album cover is "Gypsy Caravan" by Leon Goodman
Song artworks are both by Emily Balivet
The Stoned Beatle - guitar, vocals, bass, drums, keyboard



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The Stoned Beatle Vancouver, Washington

It's free. Like chlamydia.

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Track Name: Baltic Beds
I've been searching, looking through the numbers
I've been searching, listening on the telephone
I haven't slept for three days
I've been sleeping all the time

I want, I need, I must have
A raging baby, I cry all night long
I want, I need, I get it
Fulfillment everywhere I go

I have one head
I got one heart
One always gets me into trouble
One always makes me fall apart

I've been searching, screening through the numbers
I've been searching, recording the dial tone
I've been awake for three years
I haven't been awake all my life

I want, I need, I must have
A spoiled sloth, I dissolve under any heat
I want, I need, I lose it
Nothingness is all I know

I've got two heads
I've got two hearts
I'm always in and out of trouble
I'm always being taken apart

I've got three heads
I've got three hearts
I'm so deep in trouble
I'm always being torn apart
Track Name: Carnival
That languished loosely on lips that sank saintly ships
That sailed upon crystalline bile and fortified vile
Intentions dead-set on exposing the frenzied viscera
The electric fire and watery wind inside of us
Exposing such malady and madness
As fear, lust, hate, love, et cetera
Oh, et cetera

The caduceus is useless save for civil abuses
To lead the dying death, the blinding light confuses the muses
To sing false songs of rapture at the archangel's capture
He howls from hallowed halls below
And prickly, bloody thorns in his eyes will grow
Into sickly cathedrals where people will praise
The light that blinded them

Fickle, idle concubines
Sickly servants and county lines
Dividing miles, eyeless smiles
Lipless grin, vile howl