by The Stoned Beatle

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Songs are in the order they were recorded, feel free to rearrange them

Album art is "The Best Is Yet to Come" by Michel Keck


released September 15, 2015



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The Stoned Beatle Vancouver, Washington

It's free. Like chlamydia.

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Track Name: Arrow in the Sky
Sun rises on John Wayne
Something in your brain
Did you make a mistake?

Shoot an arrow in the sky
Shooting arrows in the sky

Throw me out in the street
Give me wine and misery
Befitting a poor poet still sucking on the teat
Forever teething
I have demands and they remain unmet
And that's why I whine so miserly

The match is struck before it's set
The play, the field, a flaming wreck
Wings are clipped, they never fly
But they never even try

Shoot an arrow in the sky
Shooting arrows in the sky

It's gone. It's gone. It's gone.
That's all you can say at a loss
And soon that too is forgot
Hear a gust through a tree draped in moss

It lives and grows on greater things
It whispers warnings to the spring
The moon has turned the seas in
The birds and bees share the same sin

Perpetuating nothingness
Ensuring the death of beautiful things
Setting the table for the feast
Feeding sweetness to the beast

You can call quicksand whatever you want
As you're sinking
You can struggle or just lie

Shoot an arrow in the sky
Shooting arrows in the sky
Track Name: Known from the Start
You keep on reaching back
Reaching back into the past
Reach back and you grasp

The last thing you want to be is a stranger with bad news
It's worse than even a monarch's lover in a noose
At least you know that passion is really meant for you
And there's a certain resignation in knowing
Just how much you've been used

You were a pretty winged thing plucked from the sky
You couldn't sing; you couldn't fly
You were made to die and to be displayed
Poked and prodded by prying eyes

Surprised to find hair on my chest
Jesus, when did that happen?
It all fell down, and I ran, and I ran
No, that's a lie; I just slept

I'm a newborn babe to the whole damned world
They asked, "Are you proud of yourself?"
And I just laughed
It was the happiest I'd been in a while
Usually I'm so upset when I realize
What I'd known from the start
Track Name: Statues
Sun is low in the sky
(Is it ever enough?)
Father said, "Son, toughen up"
And he was right; the ride is rough
Some fall, some rise, some roll around in the sty

Defiled in the church parking lot
With naught but a choir of crickets for company, rhapsodizing
The shadow's gone, the shade too
There's too much light; it just exposes the emptiness
It just shows me sitting hand on chin, pondering
Like a statue, like a philosopher, like a caveman
Either way a still, dumb, unseeing thing
Useless for the time being

A tremendous effort in capturing futility
A perfect understanding of uncertainty
An exact portrait of the blur
A marble marvel
Ooh and Aah and move on

And revisit and remake
And tear down and build again
Shape in your image
Make yourself like a sculpture
Neither ever good enough

Me, under a purple nite-brite cross
At a loss, disappointed
When I tear, I tear us both down
And lie with what remains in the muck
I feel no better for having done it
But I suppose I never had a choice

Felt in darkness, written in light
Always deaf, dumb, and blind, blind, blind
Track Name: Deeper into Assholes
I was an asshole
I was an asshole today
I was an asshole, oh
I'm an asshole everyday

Do you remember Hannibal, Shelly?
I held the door for her before I told her how I felt
She said she had to leave
I let the door hit her ass on the way out

And I felt like an asshole
A dick who'd done a very dickish thing
But did I apologize for it?
No, I put it in a song so I could sing

La la la la la la
La la la la la la la la
La la la la la la
La la la la la la la la

You just wanted to see me
I was tired and feel asleep
And I'm so god-damned sorry
But you wanted to know me, and I believe in honesty

See, I'm an asshole
I let people get hurt because I'm scared
And it's not even funny
Just how much you can hurt those

You care about but pretend that you don't
Think it doesn't matter and pretend that it won't
And I could do so much more, but I don't
And I could be so much better, but I won't

I showed my true colors (yellow and black)
As a belly, as a heart
God, I'm an asshole
And there's an asshole in my heart

And he screams and stamps his feet 'til he tears it all apart